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Our headquarters are strategically located in Panama.


- To exceed customer satisfaction with innovative and cost effective solutions to provide the highest possible value to our customers.
- To achieve innovative and cost effective solutions that translates into complete customer satisfaction and guarantee the highest possible value to our customers.


Our vision is to become the preferred provider of vessel solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a committed and responsible corporate citizen in favor of supporting good causes for social development and environment sustainability.

Safety Policy

One of Brumby Shipholdings’ top priority is the safeguard to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and customers.

We seek to conduct all our operations in an accident-free environment. For this purpose, we have put in place accident prevention mechanisms in order to provide an environment in which hazards are minimized.

In addition, it is a policy of our company to comply with international safety regulations and other relevant legislation pertaining to the maintenance of a healthy and safe environment. To this end, we have set the following specific objectives:

- Implement and enforce safe and healthy practices throughout our operations.

- Avoid all accidents through the implementation of safety policies and awareness.

- Provide safe equipment and proper training for all employees to ensure a safe workplace.

Brumby Shipholdings is committed to surpass customers’ expectations; therefore, we seek quality in everything that we do. We focus on operating with the best practices and processes to guarantee the best possible outcome for our clients, contractors, and employees.

We have implemented a quality standard based on ISO systems and statutory requirements which include ISM Code. We conduct continuous evaluation processes to assure our quality standards are met and that we consequently achieve our goal of exceeding customer satisfaction.

Alcohol, Drug & Contraband Policy

Brumby Shipholdings prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or other mood altering substances on the company’s facilities and or client operated facilities by Brumby Shipholdings’ personnel.
Brumby Shipholdings will not allow the entrance or permanence to the company’s facilities of individuals under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other mood altering substances.

The company strictly prohibits the possession of firearms, weapons, explosives, ammunition or pornography on its premises by employees or other individuals.
Pursuant to Brumby Shipholdings’ safety policies, the company may conduct searches for any items referred to in this policy and may conduct drug and alcohol testing from time to time.

Smoking Policy

Brumby Shipholdings, in attention to health and safety policies, is determined to provide a tobacco-free environment for all its employees, contractors, and customers that may be visiting its operations.

Smoking is prohibited in all facilities and vessels’ interior working and living spaces. Smoking in exterior spaces is allowed at the desecration of the master, or other senior officer except for the following conditions.

- During operations where there is fire or explosion hazard.

- In or around paint lockers

- During emergency drills

- When moored or mooring alongside docks, piers rig platforms or other installations were smoking is prohibited

Security Policy

It is the commitment of Brumby Shipholdings to provide safe and secure vessels for its crews, and provide support to its vessels in implementing and maintain security measures. To this end, the company will:

- Perform security assessments on its vessels.

- Create precautions against all unlawful acts.

- Entitle Company Security Officers and Ship Security Officers.

- Implement emergency security procedures.

- Comply with rules and regulations.

- Build and promote a security culture among employees, contractors, and clients.

- Keep up with technological advancement in terms of maritime security

- Perform security assessments on its vessels.

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