What we do


Brumby Shipholdings has a strong relationship with diverse specialized shipbuilders worldwide and the capability to satisfy the requirements of our customers. We are supported by a large list of owners and an extensive network of technical and experienced personnel that help us guarantee outstanding customer service.

Sales and Purchase Brokerage

Our capabilities also include arranging for all types of ships to be delivered worldwide


We strive to provide exceptional value to our clients. To do so, we rely on the combination of our broad network of ship owners and service companies, and our experienced team in the vessel sales and purchase business.

Other Services Include

- Carriage of Cargo and Logistics
- Anchor Handling and Towing
- ROV Support
- Sub-sea Survey
- Post Lay inspection and Burial
- Air Diving
- Saturation Diving
- Flow Line Installation
- Sub-sea Construction
- Well Testing, Measurement
- Cleanup and Environmental Protection
- Sub-sea Ploughing/Trenching
- Offshore Accommodation
- Sub-Sea/Top Side/Heavy Lift

How we do it

Brumby Shipholdings is a key player in the market thanks to important strategic alliances with a large number of shipbuilders and a network of technical personnel.
We have earned our reputation for reliable performance, timely and effective execution of projects and outstanding customer service.

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